December 31, 2016

It's Not Easy Being Green

When asking friends and family what their New Years Resolutions were going to be, many were focused on sculpting their outlook on like into a healthier one. Whether it be acquiring a gym membership, drinking more water or ensuring that they get at least eight hours sleep every night, it seems that people are aiming for a much greener lifestyle - myself included.

During the past I have been successful at losing weight and maintaining this change. However, like many I have succumbed to temptation and have found myself nearly at my starting weight three years ago. Despite the saying 'the camera adds ten pounds' it is haunting to see your former slimmer self adorn the clothes you vowed you would never fill again. Here are my top tips to stay on track to smash your health goals whatever they may be.

1.) Realise and appreciate that a new year shouldn't necessarily mean a new you.

This is without a doubt the most important factor to take into account. While a healthy resolution may be made in all sincerity, it must be made at a time which is most convenient for you and not those around you. Kickstarting a healthy lifestyle is no mean feat, and it should be done when you feel most comfortable to do so, not when a new calendar year starts. 

2.) Don't compare yourself to anyone else.

We are all guilty of comparing ourselves to the fitness fanatics over on social media. Your journey is yours and no one else's. It is undoubtedly difficult prevent yourself getting caught up in a world of photoshop and filters. Stay focused on your own journey and you are more likely to achieve your goals.

3.) Understand that treating yourself is perfectly fine.

When I first lost my weight, I became obsessed with ensuring I ate more than enough fruit and vegetables, avoiding treats as a whole. I neglected the rewards I should have reaped at the end of the week because I believed that this would elevate my higher to my end goal. If I'm totally honest, this acted as my saboteur because when it came to third year exams, every day was a treat day. I had no concept of working for a hard earned reward and I became glutinous, never appreciating what I did to earn it. 

4.) Surround yourself with like minded people.

Achieving a goal is much easier when you have a family member or friend to partner up with. Even if you prefer working out on your own, ensure that you are surrounded by positive people to make the best out of any situation. You want someone to pull you back onto your feet, not keep you down.

5.) Enjoy yourself.

Finding workouts that suit you and more importantly you really enjoy make a massive difference. For me, I enjoy swimming and running twice a week coupled with weight exercises at home. Moreover, I became submersed in the world of healthy cooking, aspiring to create and cook at least two new meals a week. 

Do you have any top tips in particular that aid you in achieving your goals?


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