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The Chapel Townhouse

The Chapel Townhouse is located in the heart of Brighton, with it's prominent stain glass feature casting a colourful eye over the beating life of the city. However, behind this initial opulence lies a much more gothically gorgeous secret.

My partner, Joe and I were scrolling through Air BnB to find somewhere unique as well as affordable to spend our two-year anniversary and the results were unexpected. We discovered a stunningly converted chapel, which dated back to 1876. Despite being in the midst of Brighton, The Chapel Townhouse is situated along a privately picturesque Victorian mews. Upon entering, you are greeted by a chandelier made from over 300 antique crystal wine glasses, coupled with the grandest of staircases, which lead up to the Chapel's bedroom clothed in almost an entirety of black couture.

An impressively high ceiling envelopes the studio room, the breadth of which, simultaneously provides an air of spaciousness and pioneers themes of grandeur. A second chandelier made from black Lego bricks hangs proudly from the ceiling, consolidating this idea of gothic eccentricity into a fully fledged real-life fantasy. A kingsize bed sits comfortably in the middle of the room, in between two piano halves which are cleverly disguised as bedside tables. Towards the end of the room, underneath the infamous stain glass window, is a roll top bathtub where you can bath bomb to your hearts content. I must admit, Joe and I probably have shares in Lush after the amount of products we purchased in there, just for the bathtub - but it was all unashamedly worth it.

Whilst the decor gives the impression that The Chapel Townhouse should be a more notable conclave for all things vampire, it makes an enviable stylish stay for anyone who is looking for a long weekend away. I'd never been to Brighton before, and this was a perfect pitstop to come back from the city and enjoy a relaxing bath before heading back out to shop again. There were an abundance of hidden secrets, from sweets hidden behind portraits to comics stashed away in the leather seating. The Chapel Townhouse ticks all the boxes, style, comfort, location and most importantly - price. I would recommend this Air BnB in a heartbeat.

Where is your favourite place to stay in Brighton?

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