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Grooming with Grüum

Subscription boxes are rife at the moment, however being predominately female focused, there isn't necessarily a wide selection of subscriptions available to men. Guys in particular know the drill when it comes to grooming. Our code of conduct comprises of picking old faithfuls again and again because it's saves so much time. With this in mind, in comes Grüum, a Manchester-based skincare subscription service geared towards the everyday gentleman.

Grüum is a minimalistic brand through and through. This simplicity protects you from a bombardment of unpronounceable ingredients commonly found in high-end rivals - instead there lies an honest truth behind the natural ethos it advocates. Governed by Scandinavian ideals, the Grüum brand is overtly plain but has an inherent aim throughout. By requiring every product, ingredient and feature to contribute to the stigma surrounding fuss free skincare, Grüum is rewriting the grooming script men have read for years.

What appeals to me most about the Grüum service, is its horizontal audience. It is targeted at all men in general, not just the select few. Before ordering, you are taken through a survey which deduces the best products for you, a niche standout feature which tailors the subscription to the individual. As a clean-shaven man, I took the survey and here's what Grüum opted to send me:

1. Four Osku razor blades (three spare):

Unified with the Oska razor with one click, the Osku razor blades work in harmony with the razor to create a unifying, easy shave.

2. 'Kóri' - Daily exfoliating wash:

Packed with biodegradable beads, exfoliation has never been friendlier to your face. Aloe Vera and Witch Hazel provide a soothing sensation on your skin, whilst the Orange and Eucalyptus provide a  refreshing wake up call.

3. 'Danne' - Shave gel:

The average gent will spend around 60 hours a year shaving. The natural formation of this shave gel prevents any aggravation on your skin, the perfect sidekick for every shave.

4. 'Kåre' - Daily moisturiser:

The finishing touch to your skincare routine, packed with natural goodness from Chamomile, Rosemary Oil, and Green Tea extract this daily moisturiser will be kind to your skin, revitalising it by locking the goodness in.

5. 'Gösta' - Facial tonic:

Light and zesty, the Grüum facial tonic keeps bacteria at bay whilst giving your complexion some TLC.  An overlooked hero, this product can make a refreshing change to your appearance.

6. Oska - Razor:

Perfectly balanced, the Oska razor provides an icy glide over any face. Reassuringly weighty, it sits comfortably in your hand for a completely controlled shave.

Grüum adheres to three principles: functionality, beauty and affordability. I ordered my kit at the beginning of July and I have used every product daily. The change in my complexion has been astonishing, my skin feels different as a result of using each product in harmony with one another. Grüum factors your facial needs and delivers excellence right to your door. From the ordering process through to product usage, I wasn't blind sighted by any unknown ingredients or confused as to the purpose of each item. Grüum's simplicity has trumped all current skincare products I use.

Have you tried Grüum before?


  1. A really nice read, I'll have to check these guys out!

    1. Hi Luke, thanks for stopping by. They're a really amazing company. Definitely do try them out!



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